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CN-104417025-A: Screen printing plate and solar battery manufacturing method patent, CN-104417185-A: 新型黑板 patent, CN-104417416-A: Sliding type dumping mechanism of dump truck patent, CN-104417421-A: 一种自带滑道的运输车厢体 patent, CN-104417446-A: Telescopic GPS of automobile patent, CN-104417880-A: 食用油瓶封盖 patent, CN-104418391-A: Efficient bactericidal water treatment cleaning agent patent, CN-104419302-A: Coating production system patent, CN-104419500-A: Synthesis technique of ultrahigh-base-number petroleum calcium sulfonate patent, CN-104419962-A: 一种钢丝磷化处理的工艺 patent, CN-104420769-A: Wear-proof and corrosion-proof door frame patent, CN-104420787-A: Anti-cracking solid wood composite painting-free door patent, CN-104422571-A: Testing device of rotating compensator patent, CN-104422878-A: 集成电路、操作集成电路的方法和具有集成电路的装置 patent, CN-104423631-A: 一种便于收纳接收器的无线鼠标 patent, CN-104424414-A: 用于使用户登录到移动设备的方法 patent, CN-104425074-A: 一种井下电力电缆双护套料配方 patent, CN-104431023-A: Special pungency cooling, dampness resolving, five viscera strengthening, liver damp-heat relieving herb tea recipe patent, CN-104433304-A: Propaganda rack with slots capable of being cleaned easily for stores patent, CN-104433969-A: 一种扫帚 patent, CN-1044376-A: 扬声器装置 patent, CN-104437868-A: 一种横向极板绕流式湿式电除尘装置及湿式电除尘方法 patent, CN-104440645-A: 夹具 patent, CN-104441641-A: 基于光固化快速成型的3d打印的实现方法和装置 patent, CN-104442092-A: 洗笔器 patent, CN-104442161-A: PVC aluminum plastic decoration strip patent, CN-104442179-A: 机动车用移动操作元件上的具有玻璃光学效果的表面 patent, CN-104442220-A: Electric vehicle tyre liner patent, CN-104442417-A: 太阳能电动滑板 patent, CN-104445662-A: 一种曝气机毛刷 patent, CN-104448155-A: 一种高扩散性吸水树脂的制备方法 patent, CN-104448317-A: Preparation method of porous oil absorption material patent, CN-104448350-A: Method for preparing high-dispersity carbon nano tube modified asphalt patent, CN-104449234-A: Container interior paint patent, CN-104449332-A: 固化性树脂组合物和含有其的涂覆用组合物 patent, CN-104449909-A: 一种高效汽油添加剂 patent, CN-104451548-A: 等离子复合多元叠层渗钴基耐酸性介质冲刷腐蚀合金层的新方法 patent, CN-104451860-A: 一种单晶炉的上炉体 patent, CN-104453066-A: 多孔砖 patent, CN-104455100-A: Automobile brake fluid discharging device patent, CN-104455951-A: 一种减震底座 patent, CN-104456236-A: Wire-free LED ultrathin down lamp patent, CN-104460232-A: 光致抗蚀剂组合物 patent, CN-104460542-A: 一种带权限识别的智能电源控制系统 patent, CN-104460719-A: Liquid level switch with hysteresis function patent, CN-104462876-A: 一种电子文档使用权的管理方法 patent, CN-104463235-A: Fault recognition method and device based on operation images of motor train unit patent, CN-104468490-A: Control method for network access admittance patent, CN-104469107-A: 相机模块 patent, CN-104471551-A: 信息处理系统及信息处理方法 patent, CN-104473608-A: 碗架 patent, CN-104474067-A: 一种补肾壮骨的淫羊藿口服液及其制备方法 patent, CN-104477173-A: Anti-rope falling rope support wheel system capable of warning automatically patent, CN-104477421-A: 登月天梯 patent, CN-104478575-A: Composite plant growth accelerator and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104479291-A: Heat-conducting insulated epoxy resin composition and preparation method and use thereof patent, CN-104480649-A: 一种锁眼机的低速和停车控制装置 patent, CN-104481777-A: Impulse turbine multi-nozzle switching method patent, CN-104486702-A: 一种家庭影院的音箱 patent, CN-1044887-A: 普通小麦核不育株的延续方法 patent, CN-104488941-A: Nematicidal composition containing fluensulfone and iprodione patent, CN-104490536-A: 一种液压推杆式可控升降病床 patent, CN-104492652-A: Fluorescent fan blade adhesive applying and liquid injecting device patent, CN-104494139-A: Constant-pressure chuck protecting device of motorcycle steering lamp patent, CN-104495675-A: Crane and brake thereof patent, CN-104497275-A: Modified aromatic amine epoxy curing agent and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104497872-A: Heat And Rain Erosion Resistant Coating patent, CN-104499037-A: 节能环保电镀药水过滤加热设备 patent, CN-104499735-A: 一种负压称量罩 patent, CN-104509994-A: Moisture permeable anion releasing underwear having electrical heating function patent, CN-104510360-A: 带撑架的锅 patent, CN-104510369-A: Intelligent meat roasting device patent, CN-104511511-A: 钢质门面板自动卷边装置 patent, CN-104513899-A: 一种处理黄药钴渣的工艺方法 patent, CN-104514606-A: 汽车尾喉装饰件 patent, CN-104515404-A: 中频炉尾气余热回收炉墙 patent, CN-1045168-A: System and method for reheat steam temp. control in circulating fluidized bed boilers patent, CN-104517389-A: 一种基于太阳能供电的森林防火监控系统 patent, CN-104518591-A: Rotor cooling device patent, CN-104520156-A: Vehicle drive device control device patent, CN-104520738-A: Polyester film for polarizer protection, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device patent, CN-104521582-A: Gold leaf elm grafting method patent, CN-104522288-A: 一种芝麻饼粕分离蛋白的制备方法 patent, CN-104522561-A: 一种八月瓜果粉的制备方法 patent, CN-104522975-A: 一种文具盒 patent, CN-104526042-A: 配电箱板刨边装置 patent, CN-104526371-A: 一种快速固定台 patent, CN-104526558-A: 用于净化器滤网的加工控制测量装置 patent, CN-104528423-A: 一种全自动上光机重叠印张剔除系统 patent, CN-104528769-A: 一种硫基复合肥生产用高效硫酸氢钾转化槽 patent, CN-104530555-A: Puncture-resistant waterproof sheet material patent, CN-104530723-A: Block copolymer anion-exchange membrane for fuel battery and preparation method of block copolymer anion-exchange membrane patent, CN-104534058-A: High wear-resisting performance driving wheel with seepage diamond particles patent, CN-104534958-A: Ruler for rapidly checking steel bars on site patent, CN-104535620-A: 显示面板及其裂纹检测方法 patent, CN-104538151-A: 柜式变压器 patent, CN-104539803-A: 一种信息处理方法及电子设备 patent, CN-104541768-A: 落地式金银花落花收集装置 patent, CN-104543114-A: Preparation method of soymilk-containing green tea patent, CN-104543300-A: Method for producing wrapped peanut at low temperature patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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